Bill Gates: The Georgian version of conspiracy


Bill Gates who has become the new anti-hero of the world is regarded by the Georgian media as one of the main profiteers of the COVID-19 outbreak. The main direction of the anti-Gates narratives narrows to the fact that Bill Gates wants to create a vaccine that would provoke infertility. Thus, according to the Georgia and the World newspaper, Bill Gates seeks obsessively to reduce the population of the planet by creating vaccines that lead to infertility. The origin of the narrative resides in the well-known and widely discussed Ted Talk of Bill Gates where he explained that the vaccines could slow down population growth.

The manipulative content has been discovered by the Georgian fact-checking platform in an article by the pro-Russian newspaper that described that the American billionaire has been fined large sums of money in order to compensate for people affected by the vaccines.

Noteworthy is the popularity in Georgia of the poster of the movie “Kill Bill” that reads “Kill Bill Gates” – initiated in the U.S. by an anti-vaccinator.



Pro-Kremlin media

EurAsia Daily is a newsagency that covers events and processes throughout Eurasia. Its correspondents work in the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union, Ukraine, Georgia, as well as in the separatist regions of Abkhazia, South Ossetia, and Transnistria.

“He has no place in the kingdom of God”: Why do “bio-creatures” want to kill Bill Gates?

In an extensive analysis on the activity of Bill Gates and its links to the WHO, the authors pointed out on the main rumours about Bill Gates, such as: Bill Gates’ philanthropy is actually a cover for his personal interests, his management style is often associated with authoritarianism and lack of transparency, and that Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation support programmes that generate modern social phobias. Stressing Bill Gates’ wealth, the authors concluded the article with a profound quotation of the Jesus:
“It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God” – suggesting that for the American billionaire there is no way to the kingdom of God.

“An ideal refuge from the pandemic: what kind of mansion did Bill Gates acquire during the epidemic?”
Source: Sputnik Georgia

Sputnik Georgia does not publish conspiracy content, but rather presents in its articles that there exist rumors and conspiracies regarding Bill Gates and his obscure links to politics and international organizations.

The most productive activity with regard to fake narratives on Bill Gates have Georgia and the World, and Asaval Dasavali – the pro-Kremlin, anti-Western news outlets that sought to reflect the obscure part of his philanthropy.

Bill Gates’ vaccines will affect fertility and reduce reproduction

Public figures

A diverse number of public persons support conspiracy narratives and contribute with even more “creative” messages.

Mikheil Tsagareli, Georgia’s main astrologist, joined the classic narrative that COVID-19 was created by Bill Gates to control the population of the planet by introducing microchips through vaccination.
Lado Sadghobelashvili is a civic activist, member of a non-governmental organization Free Generation which gathers mostly conservative, far-right and allegedly pro-Russian people, who use hate speech, xenophobic and homophobic rhetoric during online discussions. He praises Trump’s decision to stop funding the WHO and pinpointed at some repealed projects of Bill Gates which envisaged microchipping and health passports.

Religious authorities/institutions

Father David (Isakadze) is an Orthodox priest notorious for inciting mobs against religious minorities and liberal priests. He also opposed the 2019 Tbilisi pride. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, he promoted a story about a secret club of Bill Gates joined by notorious members such as Rockefeller, Morgan, Soros and other interested parties who invested money to launch the process of mandatory vaccination throughout the world. They also created monitoring mechanisms and that’s what 5G technology is for. Universal vaccination is meant to lower the natality in order to reduce the world population to 100 million people of elitist background to be served by another 1 billion employees. The article appeared first in the pro-Kremlin newspaper Asaval-Dasavali.

“Father David (Isakadze): I declare directly that we are in the period before the coming of the Antichrist!”


The narratives sensitize citizens that have anti-Western and nationalist sentiments. The stories are targeted to traditionalist, conservator, religious people who frequently plead against contraception, abortions, vaccines. The stories are mainly in Georgian, as well as Russian.


The Georgian fact-checking website Myth debunked fake narratives that circulated in the Georgian media space. Thus, they addressed the claim that Gates produces vaccines to provoke infertility and explained that vaccines help reduce infant mortality rate in developing countries which is linked to economic growth. Furthermore, neither Bill Gates nor his charity fund received any fines for vaccines. Reporters of the Alia newspaper that spread the story used a manipulative maneuver based on the fact that within the last decade, Microsoft has been fined several times, but the reasons had no links to vaccines.