5G chains around the Earth and many more: The case of Georgia


The conspiracy that originated from an interview of a Belgian doctor who claimed that 5G is dangerous and might be linked to coronavirus became notorious in Georgia too. The main narratives revolve around the idea that the virus is being introduced in the installations of 5G antennas and thus help spread the virus throughout the territory of the country. There are also variations on the topic that state that 5G installations affect birds and cause neurological disorders. Some social media posts and online media outlets point out a presumed link between 5G and the renowned Georgian Lugar laboratory – an exploited subject for conspiracies. As in other countries, a petition to stop the introduction of 5G technology has been launched in Georgia too. It mentions that the technology provokes a series of side effects: neurological disorders, constant fatigue, cataracts, immune system disorders, infertility, and increased risk of cancer. The petition is authored by a psychologist, an economist and an IT specialist.

Petition – Stop the introduction of 5G technology in Georgia!

Source: Alia.ge


Pro-Kremlin local media

The narrative has been disseminated by one of pro-Kremlin newspapers such as Asaval – Dasavali, as pointed out by the Georgian fact-checking website mythdetector.ge. The newspaper published an article about 5G impact on birds and sought to confirm it with statements of a worker of the New Hospitals Clinique. While Asaval – Dasavali promotes the conspiracy itself, Sputnik Georgia referred to the narrative as part of an article that lists the main conspiracies related to the COVID-19 pandemic. They describe the popular classic version that people will have microchips introduced through vaccination and the 5G technology will help control people.

“Photo of a dead bird near the building with 5G antennas” – Tbilisi
Source: alia.ge

Public figures

Mikheil Tsagareli, considered Georgia’s main astrologist, endorses the theory that 5G causes symptoms that we deem to be the new coronavirus. He suggests that 5G frequency interferes with the combination of oxygen and hemoglobin in the human body which affects immunity and, in the end, it becomes difficult for people to breathe. He claims that the 5G network is one of the main weapons for the implementation of the Masonic plan of reducing the world population.

“7 billion people must die to carry out this plan” – Scandalous forecast of Mikheil Tsagareli (video)
Source: alia.ge

Lali Moroshkina, a pro-Russian journalist, stated on her social media page that coronavirus is a hoax and, in fact, it is the 5G technology that is harmful to children, women, and elderly, people who suffer from cancer or diabetes and other chronic diseases. The information has been re-published by the Georgian pro-Russian website alia.ge.

Social Media

The link between 5G and coronavirus is widely explored by various Facebook pages that also promote propagandistic and anti-liberal content, according to mythdetector.ge.

Source: Mythdetector.ge

One of the most popular conspiracies claims that while the world is distracted to discuss the harms of coronavirus, Elon Musk is placing 5G chains around the Earth so that nobody will be able to hide or escape from it.

“ (…) whilst we were discussing mortality and the harmlessness of the coronavirus, Elon placed such a 5G chain around our Earth that nobody will be able to hide or escape from it. It also became clear why Siberian, Amazonian and Australian forests were burned down.”


The narratives are spread mostly in Georgian. One of the few Russian media outlets that tackled the topic is Sputnik Georgia which is available in Georgian and Russian.


Georgia does not have any 5G installations on its territory. Fact-checkers from mythdetector.ge rely on the findings of the Radiation watchdog – The International Commission on Non‐Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) – that there is no scientific evidence that technology poses threat to human health.