Anti-Vaccine narratives in Georgia


Anti-vaccination motifs are fueled by stories about the mandatory character of the COVID-19 vaccine for the “Third World” countries, as well as in Georgia and Ukraine which may be the countries where the vaccine would be tested. Furthermore, in line with the narratives about Bill Gates and his intention to reduce the world population, the vaccine is considered to lead to impotency. One of the most vocal proponents of anti-vaccination choices are the clerics who claim that vaccines are a demonic invention and are meant to enslave people.


Religious authorities

Anti-vaccination narratives have been capitalized by the Georgian Orthodox Church. The Reverend Saba made the following statement during a sermon: “A vaccine will be offered to people to enslave and subjugate them”. The Reverend Nicholas of the Kumurdo and Akhalkalaki Metropolitan asserted that if the vaccine becomes mandatory, then it’s a demonic act.

“Reverend Nicholas: If all people are forced to be vaccinated, it will be a devilish act”

“Reverend Michael opposes doctors and says that blessed water is the vaccine against coronavirus”

Father David Isakadze, member of the Orthodox Parents Union claimed that we witnessed an attack on the Orthodox faith by preventing people from participating in religious sermons. He added:

“What is happening in the world today, – is far from protection against infection, rather attraction to mass psychosis and panic in order to test the population, break up families and control people”

Father David (Isakadze): I declare directly that we are witnessing the coming of the Antichrist!

Obscure websites or Viewpoint website promote ideas and opinions of clerics, astrologists, as well as naturalist remedies. The website published the post of the Facebook user – Maia Dvalidze who has been identified to spread misinformation several times, in which she reiterates the story that vaccines are used to introduce nano-chips in bodies. In the same post Bill Gates is mentioned as a proponent of a COVID-19 vaccination certificate that will allow him to control a person.

Maia Dvalidze: Nano-vaccination allows microchip to enter the body!!!!

Target group

Anti-vaccination narratives are directed towards religious, conservative people, as well as those who prefer homeopathic and naturist treatments. The stories are available in Georgian mainly.


According to the fact-checkers from, the mandatory character of the Covid-19 vaccine is used to manipulate and fuel fear throughout Georgians. The main message of the narrative is that Georgia would become a testing polygon for the vaccine.