One nation – two states: Turkey and Azerbaijan relations amid COVID-19


Erdogan: The stronger Turkey is, the more help it can provide to its friends

Turkey and Azerbaijan are known to have a more than a friendly long-lasting relationship that is revealed by the slogan One nation – two states. In the context of COVID-19 pandemic, there have been two narratives that regarded Turkey: the strong collaboration and brotherhood between the states and Turkey’s generosity and capacity to help other countries hit by the pandemic. Even though the presence of Turkey-related content in Azerbaijan may be predictable given the close relationship between these two countries, it can be also deemed a strategic priority for Turkish soft power to preserve its positive image in the region.


Local media

Local media present Turkey as a strong state that has the possibility to help European countries such as Italy and Spain. Azeri publications cited Turkish president’s statement that: the stronger Turkey is, the more help it can provide to its friends.

State actors

Ilham Alyev, the president of Azerbaijan, thanked Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan for the load of assistance in the fight against the new type of coronavirus. He mentioned the solidarity between Azerbaijan and Turkey in the fight against COVID-19 under the slogan “One nation, two states.”
“I am confident that with joint efforts we will overcome the coronavirus disaster” – Ilham Alyev

The president of Azerbaijan thanked Turkey for providing aid in the fight against COVID-19

Director of the Foreign Policy Issues Department at the Presidential Administration of Azerbaijan, Hikmat Hajiyev, stated: “Azerbaijan and Turkey are taking joint steps against the COVID-19 outbreak on the international scale. There are consultations and sharing of experience between the health care institutions of the two countries”.

Source: Caspian News

Target group

The narrative is appealing to people who sympathize with Turkey and the concept of brotherhood between Turkey and Azerbaijan. The content is also set to maintain the standards of tight collaboration and “brotherhood” between states and enforces Turkey’s image in the region.