Endorsing successful collaborations: Russia and Azerbaijan


Pro-Russian propaganda in Azerbaijan embraced the messages of fruitful Russian and Azeri collaborations on fighting COVID-19. From joint efforts in organizing vaccination procedures up to the extended spin of Russia’s classic propaganda narrative about providing humanitarian help to European countries – these were the main directions of Kremlin-backed propaganda in Azerbaijan that were endorsed by local and regional media, as well as by diplomatic missions.


Pro-Russian local websites

Most popular local news websites that operate in Russian, such as oxu.az, have published articles evoking the collaborations between Azerbaijan and Russia in terms of organizing vaccination. Locally, Sputnik Azerbaijan covered the event that Russia sent to Azerbaijan another set of COVID-19 tests which stands for the strong and close ties between these two countries. Last but not the least, the event that Russia sent substantial humanitarian aid to Italy has been extensively promoted.

Russia will collaborate with Azerbaijan in the question of COVID-19 vaccine
Source: Oxu.az

Russia sent to Azerbaijan another set of COVID-19 tests
Source: Sputnik Azerbaijan

Diplomatic mission

Additionally, a positive image of a reliable, cooperative and well-organized Russia is being propulsated by its diplomatic mission in Azerbaijan. The Embassy of the Russian Federation mentioned:
We intend to continue to make joint efforts to maintain the health and well-being of the population of our countries, and to coordinate actions to overcome the coronavirus pandemic and its consequences in the region

Russia helped Azerbaijan fight coronavirus
Source: Vestikavkaza.ru

Pro-Russian regional media

Regional media also covered the event and spotlighted via a vibrant and memorable title that Russia has helped Azerbaijan to fight the COVID-19 outbreak. Kremlin-controlled websites insist on the fact that fighting together the global pandemic will bring ex-USSR countries closer. Such a narrative has been promoted by Eurasia Daily that presents events inclusively from the separatist regions of Abkhazia, South Ossetia and Transnistria.

Opinion – Russia and Azerbaijan will become closer partners after the pandemic
Source: EADaily.com