Russia in Armenia: A friend in need is a friend indeed


Within the COVID-19 pandemic, Russia did not overlook Armenia and continued to consolidate its regional influence by providing medical equipment and valuable expertise to Armenian doctors. It also sought to secure its military assets in Gyumri by sending military personnel to help organize better the anti-epidemiological measures. Kremlin-friendly media covered lavishly events suggesting a strong and deep collaboration between the two countries.  Last but not the least, Russia is presented as a successful country in combating COVID-19.

„This will make it possible to quickly check for possible infection with coronavirus infection of the Armenian military personnel and the personnel of the Russian 102nd military base stationed in Gyumri.” – EADaily

Russia helped Armenia with specialists and technology to combat coronavirus
Source: EADaily

Russia helps Armenia. Military virologists arrived in Yerevan
Source: YouTube/24Mir

Russia can cope with the coronavirus by the summer of the next year
Source: Sputnik Armenia


Pro-Kremlin media

Sputnik Armenia produced fruitful articles and surveys that showed Russia’s involvement in providing humanitarian aid to its Near Neighbourhood. Armenia is on the 4th place with regard to receiving coronavirus tests from Russia, for instance. As the article reports, it is that with the help of the Russian tests that the first coronavirus cases in Belarus, Armenia and Tajikistan were identified.

Source: Sputnik Armenia

There were also numerous materials on how Russian specialists were teaching Armenian military doctors which would be extremely useful for the further development of the medicine. The tone used in such articles suggests the protective approach of Russia.

Armenian biologists taught to work with Russian mobile laboratory
Source: Sputnik Armenia

High-level officials

Representatives of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs stressed that Russia reacted promptly to the request of the Armenian side and “carried out the transfer of medical products necessary for Yerevan.” The deputy foreign minister also recalled the help from Russian companies that took part in raising funds to combat the spread of coronavirus in Armenia.

“Russia and Armenia have always jointly confronted the challenges and threats faced by our countries, and the current pandemic of the COVID-19 coronavirus is no exception.” Source:

Arsen Torosyan, the Minister of Health of Armenia, from his side, thanked Russia for a significant humanitarian and financial aid. –

Source: Sputnik Armenia