Anti-vaccination hysteria: Moldova


Anti-vaccination campaigns are a solid recurrent trend that flourish today on the COVID-19 basis. The coronavirus pandemic prompted a revival of the anti-vaccination campaigns fueled by conspiracy and religion – a combination that is stronger than ever in the Republic of Moldova too.

The main narrative of the anti-vaxxers of Moldova tackle the widespread conspiracy that vaccination equals with chip implants which will allow for complete control of our minds through 5G networks. Complementary, Bill Gates and his vaccine producing companies are to benefit from the global mandatory vaccination.


Pro-Kremlin media

Pro-Kremlin media seem to have a more down to Earth approach on the COVID-19 vaccine. They present in a propagandist way the endless efforts of the Russian and Chinese teams of experts in developing the vaccine. Articles that can ignite anti-vaccination views relate to the Europol’s warning that a potential discovery of a COVID-19 vaccine can lead to various attempts to sell fake copies of the treatment.

Obscure local websites with profound nationalist and/or religious touch

Obscure local websites with profound nationalist and/or religious touch insist on anti-vaccination messages. In his local online newspaper –, the ex-politician Iurie Rosca who seeks to reenter the sphere of public opinion by promoting conspiracy theories, presents his views on the new COVID-19 vaccine. He believes the vaccine is a cover for implanting microchips and thus control human behavior. An associated idea is that it is Bill Gates who orchestrated the pandemics to make vaccination mandatory globally and thus reduce the population of the planet.

On the 12th of May 2020, published an interview with a Russian colonel that explained and confirmed the ideas that there is a connection between vaccinations, 5G and global elites.

The vaccine for the new coronavirus will be used to reduce the population

New vaccines will alter permanently the human DNA. Nobody will ever know what exactly will be altered except for the producers

Religious authorities/Institutions

Representatives of the Moldovan Orthodox Church engaged in promoting the topic of anti-vaccination. It is considered that the vaccination represents the final purpose of Satanist globalists who invented coronavirus.

Besides, in its communique to the government, the Metropolitan Church of Moldova has officially made its position known that “…through a vaccine that introduces nanoparticles that react to waves transmitted by 5G technology (we) will allow the system to control us remotely.” The judgment relies on the presumably protests of the public opinion throughout Europe to ban the mandatory COVID-19 vaccine.

Social media

Social media has been beaming with anti-vaccination messages inspired by pandemic-related conspiracies. Several Moldovan influencers consider that the virus has been created artificially to enforce vaccination – such as the motivational speaker Ion Varanita, a proponent of 5G conspiracies who launched a petition to stop 5G in Moldova. Katy Black, a Moldovan influencer with more than 300.000 followers on her YouTube channel, regards vaccination as a way to implant microchips: “This is the beginning of the end!”


Anti-vaccination campaign in Moldova targets primarily religious audience with traditionalist views, as well as people who practice alternative medicine. Most of the dissemination channels are oriented to Romanian speaking audience. The content which aims at promoting Russia’s successes in producing a vaccination is bilingual.

It can be inferred that the conspiracy may be successful due to the involvement of the church representatives since, according to a survey conducted in the beginning of 2020, 16, 7% of the population of the country trust mostly the church – which is the highest result of the survey.

In a study published by “WatchDog.MD” in May 2020, 36, 6% of the respondents considered the affirmation that “the virus was created in order to impose mandatory vaccination with chips so that the Global Government can control the entire mankind” –  to be true, while 39, 3% considered it false.


According to WHO, as of the 25th of August 2020, there are 31 candidate vaccines in clinical evaluation.